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Realtime Webstatistics with WebReflow

Webflow is a web based software for the analysis of site visits and behavioural patterns of the visitors. It places you in the position to fully understand the requirements of the visitors and thus optimize your web presence accordingly.

Result: Through complete transparency you can concentrate those areas which are really required by the consumers enabling you improve profit.

In addition, the advantages of WebReflow go way beyond the extensive analysis possibilities. In contrast to other products of this kind the software is delivered in complete form. Therefore you, and only you, have complete access to the programme, the information gathered and the source data. Consequently, at any time, you can adapt and extend the application. You can be sure that your data cannot be read by third parties.

You retain the overview of your costs. Timewise the purchase of the software permits you unlimited use. There will be no ongoing costs.

WebReflow is easy to integrate in your Website. Due to the technologies used, the system may be running on all popular Server-Systems.

Realtime Webstatistics with WebReflow

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Live Demo

Nothing is better than examining the program on your own. Therefore we have installed a copy of WebReflow on this Website. WebReflow Webstatistics Live Demo- Straight to Live Demo

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If you purchase WebReflow for your customer, you get up to

30% discount!

Reseller sparen bis zu 30% - Contact us

WebReflow Version 1.2.4 out now

The newest Version of WebReflow offers more functionality and fixes known Bugs.WebReflow Webstatistics 
Update- more Details- get the